Poly is a small, multi-disciplinary creative studio operating at the intersection of art and design.

I have extensive experience in developing creative solutions across diverse media, including identity design, illustration, packaging and custom lettering. Partnering closely with clients and collaborators, I work to establish a unique approach to each project’s distinct challenges.

Poly is a natural extension of my desire to create sincere and meaningful work – I care a great deal about these projects, and aim to bring character and enthusiasm into everything I do.

Jamie Lawson
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I briefly attended McMaster University in Hamilton for Fine Arts, before apprenticing at a small design company, where I would discover the building blocks of a design career. I currently live in Hamilton, Ontario with my wife, illustrator Jacqui Oakley, our child and our records.

I’ve also continued to pursue fine art and music, having displayed paintings in various solo and group exhibitions in Hamilton and Toronto and performing as Brother Tiger.

My dad introduced me to Scott Walker’s music. Ironically, dad was incredibly fascinated by Tilt (which wasn’t so far from a lot of music I was listening to at the time), while I was obsessed with the early Walker Bros singles and Scott 1-4 (which dad had heard a thousand times).

The very fact that Scott Walker and SunnO))) worked together felt like a dream come true but actually the real dream, for me, was getting to speak to him for two hours about Soused.

https://t.co/FgAlSGvhr5 https://t.co/5DQPDqjMl8
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Hard to even believe. RIP Scott Walker. https://t.co/MPxnLEMfnu poly_studio photo