Poly Year One: Thanks Everyone!

It’s been just over a year since Poly’s inception, and we’ve had some really amazing feedback so far. We really appreciate it and we’d like to inaugurate our new blog with a big thank you to all who were so kind as to feature our work and our clients in some form or another.

One of the first pieces that caught some attention was our design work for the local art exhibit “Zoo“, which was curated and produced by Jamie and his wife, illustrator Jacqui Oakley. Big thanks to Design Work Life and Hip Street for their kindness!

We were super fortunate to work with aforementioned world-class illustrator Jacqui Oakley on the packaging for London Ontario band Two Crown King‘s debut EP. We can’t take a whole lot of credit for this one – Jac’s Lion painting blew everyone within view away. A tip of the hat nonetheless goes to The Dieline, Lovely Package, Applied Arts, Rökriot and our friend Darren Booth, who wrote about the project for AIGA’s Design Envy.

Later in the year, we helped Stark Skincare launch their inaugural line to a receptive skincare and design community including The Dieline and the ever lovely Design Work Life.