Garrison Creek Bat Co. 2012 Fall Classic

I’m jazzed to have been asked by Mr. Dave Murray to join the excellent ranks of those contributing to the Garrison Creek Bat Co.’s 2nd Annual Fall Classic. A goodly number of reputable and not-so-reputable artists have each been given a piece of the GC Bat Co.’s love-crafted lumber to do with what they please (some work-in-progress shots of my bat can be seen below). Artists participating include (among many others) Poly pals Darren Booth, Julia Breckenreid, Bryce Huffman, Kagan McLeod, Erin McPhee, Dushan Milic, Dave Murray, Jacqui Oakley & Pete Ryan.

The Garrison Creek Bat Co. was started by a trio of creative Torontonians flush with youthful energy and something to prove that could only have been proven by shaping long pieces of wood into weapons. Check out their wares, and come on out on October 26th for the opening at Smash.