WMC Fest 2012

This half of Poly (Jamie) blasted into Cleveland this past June for the 2012 Weapons of Mass Creation Fest, produced by Go Media. Me and Jacqui hit the road, finding adventure and inspiration (but oddly, no ice cream) along the way. Here is a selection of photos from the trip, we hope to have a more insightful look at the fest in the coming weeks, but for now, enjoy our little slice of Cleveland.

The road yielded many terrors, including strangely persistent cloud formations.

Highlights from the Day’s Inn, Cleveland

The Cleveland Museum of Art was pretty fabulous. Left: The Houses of Parlaiment from Westminster Bridge, 1906 by AndrĂ© Derain. Right: Jacqui’s encounter with a Gerhand Richter piece.

From the antiquities collection at the Cleveland Museum of Art. Left: Face Mask (Kple Kple), late 1800s – early 1900s. Guinea Coast, Ivory Coast, Baule people. Right: Face Mask (Sagbwe or Gunyege), early 1900s, Guinea Coast, Ivory Coast. Dan people.

Left: Engaged Capital with a Lion & Basilisk, Italy, 1775 – 1200. Right: Arched Sistrum, Egypt, 380 – 343 BC.

Left: Poster by Vaughn Fender. Right: Jacqui with our new pals Vaughn Fender & Tim Lampe.

Left: Me & Jac with our new Madison chums, Erin Fuller & Tracy Harris. Right: Nate Utesch & Ty from Metavari performing the last day of the fest.

Aaaand scene.